Goddess Day

I'm very excited to be collaborating with my soulful and energizing friend Kendra Marie on a new venture. The Goddess Day is about empowering women through a bit of healthy indulgence: Body Tone Yoga session, Guided Empowerment Meditation, Boudoir Photo Shoot, Relaxing Massage, Foot Soak, Organic teas, beverages and hors d’oeuvres...and more.

"Every Woman deserves to feel like a Goddess within her Mind, Body and Soul.

Goddess Day™ provides each Unique Woman with the Opportunity to

Realize her Self Worth, Release her Inner Beauty, and Remember the Experience Forever."


Check out the lovely website, designed by Kendra herself. 



Our first official event will take place in the Harrisburg area, July 20 , 21, and 22. Please contact myself or kendramarietherapy@gmail.com if you would like to book a shoot on one of these days.