DV8 Couture

DV8 Couture creates fashionable, functional, and fun clothing inspired by pole dance. Recently I had the opportunity to both model and photograph some of their new designs. 



Check out the DV8 Website



Recently my friend and housemate fostered, and eventually adopted, a 3 weeks young kitten. I love cats and have enjoyed capturing some precious moments of this charcoal colored kitty. She is named "Meeps" because of the adorably comical way she speaks.


Cover Work

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work on so many interesting projects. This Summer my work has been featured on the cover of two magazines and a book! 

An Intimate Embrace

This couple is a joy to photograph. The love between them is inspiring and visible down to the fingers and toes.


 I love LOVE. Baring your soul to another human is such a beautiful thing. It's all about the vulnerable intimacy that comes with a committed romantic relationship. Couples interested in having their own intimate portrait, please contact me for rates and availability. 


"Skimming down the paths of the sky's bright ether
On they brought you over the earth's black bosom,
Swiftly--then you stood with a sudden brilliance,
Goddess, before me;"


Model: Cassidy Giles

Hair/Makeup/Outfit by Cassidy Giles. Inspired by the greek goddess Aphrodite. 


Here's a screenshot of the retouching I do for a boudoir session. I love boudoir sessions. Every woman brings something beautiful, something unique. 

Some women love to wear corsets, garters and lacy things. While others would rather don a tank top or sports jersey. 

Or maybe she prefers a pin-up style? 

Be you, be sexy. 

Charleston Pride

Walking in the parade was a blast! I must thank my walking group who made it that much more fun!  Thanks to my sweet doggy Luche and my wonderful friends Quenby, Katey, Melodye and Cam, and his dog Psyche too!





On Summer Solstice (June 21st, 2014) I hosted a little creative celebration at the studio. I displayed paintings by myself, Quenby Keisler and Christin Tucker. I also took turns painting faces and shooting portraits. It was a fun creative affair! 

Pole Dancing Silhouettes

I teamed up with the ladies at Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness to create some beautiful silhouettes! As a pole dancer myself, these shoots are some of the most fun that I have. 

These silhouettes have a unique and mysterious quality to them. Personally I love them! 

If you are interested in Pole Dance and Fitness, check out their website

Usually they host 2 photoshoots a year and you don't have to be an Amorous client to sign up...all pole dancers are welcome!  I've got some great new ideas for the next one. 

Away to India!

The time has finally come! 

I'll be spending the month of March traveling across incredible India! 

I won't be able to make phonecalls or texts and won't have much access to email. So if you wish to book a photo-shoot or simply have questions about my services, please hold tight until April 1st! I will respond to all messages as quickly as possible after that date. 



Strength and Beauty in the Air

There is strength and beauty floating in the air. Literally.

After only a month of training Graham Ervin makes the challenging art of aerial silks look effortless. The incredible founders Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson make the impossible possible with circus arts at Aerial Fit. They offer a variety of classes including aerial yoga, aerial silks, aerial hoop and static trapez.

I know that I am certainly inspired. 

These photos were taken at the Circus Building. Check out www.aerialfit.com for more information on Aerial Fit classes.