Abigail Marie

What does non`pa*reil mean? Webster's dictionary defines it as a "model of excellence; one having no equal", and as describing something "unique, singular, inimitable, unexampled or unprecedented."

The name NON`PA*REIL  describes what I constantly strive to achieve in my work: unprecedented creative images that inspire and evoke emotion. 

I have always had a passion for art. My grade school papers were cluttered with rough sketches. I took classes in drawing, painting and sculpture throughout my childhood and went on to to study art in college. Freshly graduated and looking to broaden my horizons, I purchased my first professional grade camera – and I was hooked. I ventured into the world of photography and have not looked back. My background in art plays an inseparable role in my photography. I think about the direction of light and shadow, composition, mood and feeling, and so many other fundamental aspects of art as I compose each photograph.

I began my professional photography career back in 2008 by taking pictures of everything from commercial products to weddings. While doing so, I very quickly discovered that my gift and passion was in portraiture, especially intimate portraiture. I spend much of my free time practicing pole dance fitness because I love the strength and grace it gives me. Thus my favorite types of photo-shoot have become Pole Dance and Boudoir. My mission is to make other women (men and genderqueers too) feel beautiful and embrace their own sensuality. 

I am free-spirited, yet down-to-earth, and have a calm nature. I moved to Charleston 10 years ago to be closer to the coast. I just love the ocean, palm trees and warm(ish) winters here. As beautiful as Charleston is, I enjoy traveling at every opportunity. I currently live in the Avondale area with my partner, dogs and kitties.