Abigail Marie

I have an insatiable need to create; a passion for art. My grade school papers were cluttered with rough sketches. I took lessons in drawing, painting and sculpture throughout my childhood and began taking photos as a teen. A university photography course during a semester abroad in Ecuador cemented my love for the camera. Freshly graduated and looking to broaden my horizons, I purchased my first digital DSLR camera. I ventured into the world of professional photography and have not looked back.

I’m also happy to admit that I’m quite the travel addict and as of February 2019, my wife and I, with our 2 dogs, are traveling North America in our self-converted camper van home. I’ll be making some time to stop for photo shoots along the way. Check out my upcoming locations below:

April - Austin,TX

May/June - New Mexico, Cali

July/August - PNW , Vancouver

A photograph could be a moment in time captured or a fine piece of art…

or both.

L e t ‘ s c r e a t e A R T t o g e t h e r .

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